Elaina's Christina's Portfolio


Elaina Christina was born in Akron Ohio. She was second youngest out of five children. Elaina’s family always struggled to make ends meet because of the size of their family. Clothe shopping was done at thrift shops and yard sales if there was enough extra money after the bills were paid…or if the bills were paid. Though they didn’t have everything they wanted, they had each other. In July of 2009, Cancer took the life of Elaina’s mother. The glue that held her family together, had been ripped out of under them. That’s when it hit her; No matter how strong, positive, faithful, or determined you may be…the reality is, tomorrow is never promised. Since then, Elaina has set out on a mission to prove to the world that anything is possible.
In 2011, Elaina began to follow in her mothers’ footsteps by starting a modeling portfolio. Modeling quickly became her personal artistic display of emotion. She fell in love with the beauty a camera lens and facial expression could create. It has been a little over a year now, and Elaina has graced the pages of websites such as Maxim.com, Heavy.com, Coedmagazine.com, Worldstarhiphop.com, SaltLife.com and many, many more! She dreams of walking the runways in Milan, and acting alongside of Johnny Depp…one day. Aside from modeling, Elaina is currently finalizing plans for her very first start-up business called SwagNaytion. What is SwagNaytion, you ask? Just imagine wearing your fingerprint…that’s the perfect way to describe it. SwagNaytion allows the customer to completely customize merchandise, and then the artists of SwagNaytion add hand painted detail to certify the products authentication.
Her early lessons on financial struggle molded Elaina Christina into the entrepreneur she is today. Since the tender age of seven she knew how to make money. Lemonade stands on the weekends, bake sales on weekdays, yard work in between and an avocado stand during season. Even at seven, Elaina knew how to run a successful business. Persistance and will power will take you where you need to go. Elaina’s mother always said, “where there’s a will…there’s a way”.